IXTENT’s solution enables IMMOTEL investment company to efficiently manage its information and to automatically create documents relating to rented real estate, as well as straightforward management of the business process relating to the real estate services provided by the company.


IMMOTEL joint stock company was established in November 2007. The company specializes in investments into commercial real estate throughout the Czech Republic. In 2008, IMMOTEL acquired a portfolio of 68 real estates consisting of 120 buildings with the total floor area of over 200,000 square meters in over fifty towns throughout the Czech Republic from Telefónica O2 Czech Republic, a.s. These real estates comprise office space, technological premises, flats, warehouses, plots, and parking places.

Main services of IMMOTEL comprise the Asset Management and services relating to the documentation of real estate investment transactions including any financial and organizational matters relating to the real estates.


There are numerous technical and commercial documents for each real estate managed by IMMOTEL – inquiries, offers, lease agreements, acceptance records, bids, insurance policies, documents regarding insured events, termination notices, etc.

IMMOTEL’s goal is to have a centralized document management system which would enable a small number of administrative employees to efficiently and automatically create all documents thus efficiently managing the business process.


IXTENT has proposed a centralized document management and creation system solution (Document Management System, hereinafter also referred to as “DMS”) under SharePoint 2013 environment. This platform has been chosen for its friendly user interface and high level of integration with other commonly used Microsoft products (mainly Windows OS and Office package) enabling the users to stay in the environment they are used to. The time required for solution implementation is usually reduced to the absolute minimum in such cases. Advantageous price conditions were another reason for choosing SharePoint.

DMS provides a complex overview and information about all leased real estates, clients (both prospects and current clients) and related documents while the document creation process is automated to the greatest possible extent.

DMS also offers the shared group calendar function which contains all meetings/visits to individual real estates by sales personnel, availability of meeting rooms, and vacation calendar of IMMOTEL’s employees.

Lease agreement life cycle automation

The process of lease agreement creation starts upon receiving an inquiry regarding the particular real estate lease from a prospect. Once the sales person accepts the inquiry, a quotation is prepared in the DMS, which is automatically populated with information about the inquired real estate and also known information about the client.

Once all required data is input, an e-mail with the quotation is generated and sent to the prospect. The e-mail also contains a link to the web form (depending on the quotation type) where the customer can enter its personal and/or any other relevant data. 

Data from the web form relating to the quotation is verified by the sales person and subsequently stored in the DMS where it is available for further use.  Client and real estate data is automatically inserted into all created documents – lease agreement, acceptance record, cover letter, and last, but not least, also an insured event record or lease agreement termination. Each document has its template that differs by the real estate type.

The entire solution including the initial analysis, development, and final deployment was implemented in 10 months.

Benefits and customer’s feedback

“DMS implementation provided IMMOTEL with numerous benefits, especially with more efficient and faster lease agreements execution procedure and with transparency and centralization of all important information and documents,” says Veronika Sirotňáková, CEO of IMMOTEL, a.s.


IXTENT’s solution achieved the main goal, i.e., establishing a centralized document management system enabling the efficient management and automated creation of all documents.

The Document Management System by IXTENT enabled faster real estate lease, more efficient communication with customers, and last, but not least, reducing the costs of administrative processes relating to documents creation.