OpenText Travel Receipts Management for SAP Solutions accelerates the process of settling costs relating to staff business trips by processing travel receipts in many formats (paper, fax, e-mail, documents from mobile devices, etc.). All data relating to the particular business trip including original receipts are available through the SAP Travel Management interface for as long as necessary. The OpenText Travel Receipts Capture Center for SAP® Solutions extension converts text from scanned receipts into machine readable format, eliminating the need for employees to manually enter individual receipts – they simply take a picture or send them to the company’s centralized scanning workplace for processing.

Main Benefits of Travel Receipts Management for SAP Solutions:

  • accelerated process of employee travel expense reimbursement;
  • assurance of secure and long-term archiving of the documents;
  • minimization of risks relating to potential fraud and non-compliance with legislation;
  • more efficient and simpler auditing.

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