OpenText Document Access for SAP Solutions enables integration of enterprise documents with objects directly within SAP. Office documents, e-mails, as well as scanned paper documents are thus available directly from SAP transactions and are connected with relevant enterprise processes. Archived documents, as well as archived data from historic SAP and non-SAP systems, are accessible within SAP through integrated tool DocuLink for SAP Solutions. The data can be viewed on the groundwork of unlimited number of views within tree structure defined by the customer. Document Access also enables full-text document search directly in SAP.

Main Benefits of Document Access for SAP Solutions:

  • uniform access to archived documents directly within the context of SAP objects
  • transparent and intuitive documents retrieval via DocuLink for SAP Solutions;
  • full-text search for archived documents directly within the SAP environment;
  • elimination of costs relating to processing paper documents;
  • TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) reduction relating to your SAP infrastructure.

Components of Document Access for SAP® Solutions:

  • Enterprise Library including Archive Server & Content Server;
  • OpenText Imaging;
  • Enterprise Scan;
  • ExchangeLink & NotesLink;
  • DesktopLink;
  • Web Viewer, Java Viewer, and Windows Viewer;
  • DocuLink for SAP Solutions;
  • ArchiveLink Plus;
  • Business Content;
  • ECMLink.

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