The Process Director is a uniform platform for managing large groups of various processes within the SAP system. Its Process Director Accounts Payable sub-module focuses on processes connected with incoming invoices processing. The platform can be easily adapted to manage specific processes. The inherent predefined logic is used for routing based on document type (delivery notes, incoming sales orders, etc.) or request type (purchase order, request for master data change, creation or change of business data, etc.) of managed processes.

The product is incorporated into the SAP environment; however, it is strictly separated from all SAP standards and does not require any SAP modifications. Therefore all work can take place in the trusted SAP environment. This means that the input information may be simply checked against master or transaction data within the SAP system (such as an existing purchase order).

Main benefits of the ReadSoft Process Director:

  • increased checks – better control over information flow and early detection of any possible errors;
  • reduced costs and amounts of manual work – simple solution for processes that might be laborious and complicated within the
  • standard SAP environment;
  • overall reduction in processing time – faster response contributes to improved relations with business partners.

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