Kofax offers a complex document verification solution based on electronic signatures that simplifies and accelerates the entire business process.

Kofax E-Signature & Signature Verification solution increases the efficiency of business process and considerably reduces the administrative costs (paper, printing, storage, archiving, etc.).

Kofax SignDoc enables:

  • Documents verification from any location and any device – You can sign the document electronically from any device (smartphone, tablet or signature tablet). Printing, signing, and sending the documents by mail or fax is no longer necessary.
  • Easy verification of document credibility – Kofax SignDoc uses the ISO 32000 standard; PDF files provided with e-signature are verified by PDF reader. No further verification tools are required.
  • Signature biometry utilization – Unique signature biometry including writing pressure or speed clearly identify the particular person.

Kofax FraudOne® enables:

  • Real-time detection of frauds in everyday transactions – Kofax FraudOne uses a powerful database that collects signatures and other account related information and compares them in real time.

More information: www.kofax.com.