Assurance of legislative framework of documents archiving

Electronic originals of documents represent equivalent replacement of their paper versions. It is however necessary to ensure their protection and credibility in line with legislation and current modern ICT trends. IXTENT’s archiving solution comprises the services of I.CA – provider of qualified certificates, timestamps, and electronic signatures – and/or assurance of electronic documents’ credibility by means of biometric signature.

Compliance with both local and European legislation is further guaranteed by certification against all major international standards governing documents management and archiving (OAIS, MoReq, ISO 15489, PAdES LTV, CAdES-A, PDF/A-1,2,3, RFC4998, U.S. DoD 5015.02-STD, DITSCAP, SEC 17a-4, U.S. Section 508, U.S. FDA 21 CFR Part 11, DCTS, PL3).

IXTENT’s archiving solution also provides a number of intelligent and security functions, for example:

I.CA certificates and timestamps

IXTENT integrates the products it supplies with the services of První certifikační autorita (the First Certification Authority) which became an accredited provider of qualified electronic certificates providing communication with state authorities in 2002. It has also been an accredited provider of timestamps since 2006.

Selected products of I.CA:

Biometric signature

Another way of proving the document credibility is to use a biometric signature. Biometric signature is based on unique characteristics of handwritten signature (pressure, acceleration, rhythm, stroke direction, analysis of signature angles, etc.). Advantages of document verification by biometric signature comprise:

IXTENT offers a biometric signature solution developed by KOFAX (Softpro).