Sales Process Support

The sales process is accompanied by a number of both structured and unstructured, paper or electronic documents and mail that must be managed in order to ensure that sales staff has access to all necessary information. Equally important is the possibility of automating sales processes, which contributes to significant time and financial savings. IXTENT provides solutions that will centralize your company’s document management and ensure efficient cooperation of your sales representatives.

Centralized sales document management

A modern sales department cannot function without a centralized information service, unified procedures (workflow), or individual access for use of information through web and mobile interface. Scalability of the client database and related information based on various segmenting rules together with other reporting functions provide sales representatives with a quick overview of relative values for better decision-making in real time. Interconnection with the enterprise financial system (ERP) provides feedback about financial flows and summary reporting. Sales utilize the market feedback from support departments such as marketing (CRM), legal services, the service department, etc.

The IXTENT solution will consolidate the phases of your sales process into a smoothly functioning gear train

A company that wants to develop its long-term business operations and satisfy its clients, but also comply with all legislative requirements, needs accurate and ongoing documentation of the entire sales process. Such an option is available with IXTENT solutions with various specialized product components that act as the unifying platform for utilization of information, knowledge, resource sharing, document management, change proceedings, creation of plans, projects, and for their inspection. These solutions can be utilized throughout all sales phases - bid management, order management, contract management, price management, invoicing, sales documentation management, customer relationship management.

This establishes the basic prerequisites for checking, managing, and creating further sales strategy of the company.